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Every dollar supports the growth and development of our students.

The Bay Farm Fund is an opportunity to show support for Bay Farm’s mission and helps guarantee a bright future for the school and all of our students. A donation to the Bay Farm Fund supports our programs, retention of our skilled, motivated, and caring faculty, care for our campus and facilities - in short, every element of our school.

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Food Package

Feed our animal friends nutritiously for a month.  Our five furry friends go through a lot of food each month. Your donation will help ensure the goats (Dwight, Scruffie, and Alfie) and alpacas (Anna and Harmony) get all the nutrition they need for good health. 

Donate $150 now. 

Health & Wellness Package

A donation of $500 helps offset the cost of vet visits, spring inoculation fess, and supports the overall health and wellness of our animals. 

Donate $500 now. 

Lifestyle Package

Help Anna the Alpaca and her friends get the space they deserve. Your donation will help us double the size of the animal enclosure, helping ensure the animals get more exercise and live in a cleaner, healthier environment. 

Donate $1,000 now. 

Grounds Package

Let’s get growing! Your $75 contribution will help us install raised cedar beds so all our students can experience the satisfaction of growing their own flowers, vegetables, and produce. 

Donate $75 now. 

Tools & Materials Package

Your $25 donation helps us purchase materials such as gardening tools, rakes, hoses, and child-size pitch forks. 

Donate $25 now. 

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Grow the Farm

We know that children who grow up in close contact with plants and animals benefit emotionally, experientially, and academically. This is what drove us to expand our Agriculture program over the last two years, making these elements accessible by providing direct access on the playground. This year, Annabel has been working with our classes to make Agriculture a daily part of learning at Bay Farm… Join us in celebrating the Bay Farm animals and our Agriculture program by contributing to its growth.