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Every dollar supports the growth and development of our students.

Your support matters

Thank you for sharing your children with us and for helping Bay Farm provide in-person education inspired by joy, purpose, and compassion this year.

PPE, Facilities Upgrades, Cleaning & Disinfecting


Increased Staffing


Decreased revenue from Summer, Child Care, and Enrichment


Total COVID-19 Costs


To help offset the costs and lost revenue as a result of COVID-19, we’re offering several donation options below. Every dollar helps and we truly appreciate your support. 

Sanitizer Package

Your $150 donation offsets the purchase of a case of hand sanitizer,  made available in every classroom, and at every building and classroom entrance.

Donate $150 now

Outdoor Classroom Package

A donation of $500 offsets the cost of purchasing an outdoor classroom tent, which provides necessary ventilation and allows students to enjoy some mask-free time safely.

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Clean Air Package

A $1,000 donation allows us to offset the cost of purchasing indoor high-volume HEPA air filtration devices, which improve air quality, filter germs, and, most importantly, maintain a continuous flow of clean air in the classrooms.

Donate $1,000 now. 

Disinfectant Package

Your $75 donation helps offset the cost of disinfecting spray, used daily on common area surfaces to ensure we meet the recommendations and best practices established by the CDC.

Donate $75 now

PPE Package

Your $25 donation is equivalent to the cost of two boxes of surgical masks used daily by our staff to ensure safety. Spare masks are also available for students.

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COVID-19 Response

“I am proud of the hard work that the teachers and staff of Bay Farm put in this summer and continue to engage in every day to make it possible to have a largely normal school experience on our campus during these difficult times.  I also appreciate the extra precautions and routines that our parents have adopted to help keep our community safe and healthy.  Keep up the good work – we will get through this together!”

– Hauke Kite-Powell, President of the Bay Farm Board of Trustees